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Communication is a must… and it has to be done more accurately, effectively and elegantly than ever. Success can not be reached without it anymore. This statement is positively true for the fashion industry where special rules and practices make new communication methods and applications unavoidable for aspiring players.

HFCC, the publisher of the Budapest Backstage Fashion Magazin and organizer of the acclaimed fashion show series Budapest Fashion Night, is regarded as a key player of the Hungarian fashion industry. Beside its two flagship programs another huge innovative project is going to be launched in 2017 to popularize the domestic fashion culture locally and internationally. Moreover HFCC is involved in a fresh and exciting new international fashion project.




The most outstanding moments of Hungarian Fashion

Budapest Backstage Fashion Magazin is a value based, independent,  online fashion magazine. It covers the fashion world as a family without picking favorites. Its goal is to support and popularize fashion professionals and talents while introducing fashion related events with the most advanced communication tools and technologies.

During its 10 year run Budapest Fashion Night has become the most appreciated fashion show series in Hungary with the mission to make fashion more popular and accessible. The event takes place twice a year as a social gathering offering a pleasant and informal party environment for participants to make and keep contact.

HFCC employees cooperate with the following Hungarian designers:

1975 / Györe Nikoletta, Kupi Szimonetta, ART’Z MODELL / Sz. Mohácsik Tünde,
CAKO / Cakó Kinga, CAMOU / Fehér Beatrix, CELENI / Cselényi Eszter, DAALARNA / Benes Anita,
FANNI'S JEWERLY / Szűcs Fanni, FOLENTA DESIGN / Fűzi Réka, GABO SZERENCSES / Szerencsés Gabó,
JANKA ARNOCZY / Arnóczy Janka, JUHASZ DORA / Juhász Dóra, KAMCHATKA DESIGN / Schulteisz Márta,
KARMAN / Karman Orsolya, KEMENESI / Kemenesi Tünde, KIRÁLY FANNI KORTÁRS ÉKSZER / Király Fanni,
KONSANSZKY / Konsánszky Dóra, MADMÉ / Madarász Dóri, MAISON MARQUISE / Tóth Bori,
MANIER / Németh Anikó, MÁNIA BY EEVE / Samu Éva, MÁRTON-VÉGSŐ / Márton Rózsa, Végső Gizella,
ORLANDO / Halász Éva, Nagy Ágota, PRIESTON / Nagy Nóémi, SAMEA NOORI / Samea Noori,
STUMPF IMRE COUTURE / Stumpf Imre, SZILAS RITA / Szilas Rita, SZIRACZKY / Sziráczky Brigitta,
trüffELLE / Kolyvek Antónia, Körtvély Adrienn

HFCC Hungarian Fashion Culture Communications Ltd.

Company register number: 14-09-315088

Tax number: 25485923-2-14

Bank account number:  10101559-75739600-01004002


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